About Us

By law, the Nevada Lottery generates income for the state's General Fund. The fund is a pool of money that finances a variety of state services. In this way, the Nevada Lottery helps pay for services that otherwise would require additional tax dollars. The Lottery—which has contributed $5.4 billion to the state's General Fund since 1975—contributed $215.8 million to the General Fund for the fiscal year that ended on June 30, 2019. The Nevada Lottery remains the 4th largest source of revenue for the state of Nevada.
The Lottery's contribution to the General Fund helps to educate children and youth, protect neighborhoods from crime and pollution, maintain parks and beaches, ensure healthcare for families and seniors, and otherwise lend a hand to those in need. Legislators allocate money from the General Fund, with the governor's approval, to support these and other diverse state services and projects. Other sources of income for the General Fund are corporate and personal income taxes and various fees and tolls.
Unlike other state lotteries, which tend to target their revenues for specific efforts, Nevada Lottery revenues are not earmarked for any one group. This means the Lottery's contribution to the General Fund benefits all who live in, work in or visit Nevada.